This Loving Cat Adopted a Baby Monkey & the Video Is Insanely Cute

Animals (or at least some of them) have as much love in their hearts for other animals as we always imagined and here is the proof: When this teeny tiny squirrel monkey (which was born in Tyumen zoo in Russia), was rejected by its parents, another member of the animal kingdom stepped in as its surrogate mom. We have the zoo director to thank for this explosion of cuteness, after they looked for another animal to step in as the monkey's caregiver.

The squirrel monkey looks MOST at home in Momma Cat's fur.

And in true tired mom style, the cat is just chill having her rambunctious child climb all over her.

She does seem to be thinking, "Just five more minutes. Please go back to sleep."

To which her adorable monkey surrogate is like, "NOPE."

Of course, Cat Mom has some help — this human lady shares some of the parenting duties, like when it's time to feed the little guy.


But at the end of the day, no human can come between this cat and her surrogate baby monkey (not that we'd ever want to).

Because we definitely would not.

Video by YouTube user Ruptly