Tips for Creating a Shadow Box Dog Memorial

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Tips for Creating a Shadow Box Dog Memorial
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A pet memorial shadow box is a soothing way to craft something special that reminds you of your sweet dog who passed away. A permanent shadow box for a dog can also be shared with family members and displayed as a point of pride. Each item in a dog shadow box tells a story, and it's a nice way for each person in your gang to find something special to insert.


If you're not a DIY type, there are other ways to remember your dog. The important part of a dog's passing is to treat yourself with kindness and take the time you need to grieve your pet in a way that's helpful to you.

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Dealing with pet loss

Learning to cope with the loss of a dog or cat is difficult, as not everyone around you will end up feeling the same heartbreak and pain. For people who don't have a pet, the death of a dog can be confusing, which may cause them to say something inappropriate or unhelpful in your moment of need. But as you face the loss of your special pup, it's important to find ways to deal with it in a healthy manner.

Whether you feel anger, guilt, or even some relief (this is especially the case if the animal that died was sick for a long time), know that there's not one right way to grieve pet loss. You might find that talking with a professional about this sadness is a good move, or you could join a like-minded group on social media to share your feelings and find some camaraderie.


How to make a dog shadow box

Making a dog shadow box memorial is a wonderful way to honor the life of a pet, and it can be a family project to which everyone can contribute. A shadow box is typically a display case that's enclosed in glass, though smaller, simpler versions can also be made from a shoebox.


The point of a memorial shadow box is to collect and mount small items from a pet's life that showcase who she was and how she lived. You can buy a ready-to-fill dog shadow box, hire someone to put one together, or build your own if you're handy. Memorial shadow box ideas include a scrap of your pet's bed, her dog tags, her collar, a favorite toy, and snapshots of your dog with each member of the family.


Other ways to memorialize a pet

Do you prefer to remember your pet in another manner? There are several touching ways that you and your family can bid farewell to your dog:

  • Hold a service.​ A simple ceremony at your house or in the backyard is a lovely way to remember a dog. Invite neighbors and family to come by and offer their support.

  • Write a poem.​ If you have a way with words, you might pen a poem or short essay about the life of your pet and then frame it so you can read it often.

  • Paint a portrait.​ Artists or a talented friend could make a piece of art to honor your pet, whether it's a pen and ink drawing or an oil painting.

  • Make a mug.​ Lots of companies can take a photo of your dog and print it on a coffee mug, mouse pad, wrapping paper, poster, dish towel, puzzle, or other backgrounds.

  • Create jewelry.​ There's actually a way to take a mold of your dog's tooth and use this form to make a piece of jewelry. The mold can be filled with silver, gold, or another metal, and the new tooth can be attached to a charm bracelet or chain to wear as a necklace.



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