Top 10 Pokémon Go Names For Dogs

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If you just adopted a pup that desperately needs a name or your longtime companion could use a new nickname, why not take note from the super popular Pokémon Go game for inspiration? Here are 10 Pokémon names that just might fit your pooch to a T.


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1 – Bulbasaur

Images: Pokemon Official | Leash and Tails

If your new pup can sniff out a patch of sunlight in even the darkest room and promptly lays down for a nap, you might have to name him Bulbasaur. This Pokémon is known for napping in bright sunlight, so it's the perfect name for those who love nothing more than to soak up some rays.


2 – Squirtle

Images: Pokemon Official | Seth Casteel

There's some dog breeds you'd think are actually part fish, like golden retrievers and labs, because you just can't keep them out of the water when you're lounging by the pool or at the beach. And if you know anything about those silly Pokémon, then you know you've got a Squirtle on your hands since they can also swim at exceptionally high speeds.


3 – Spearow

Images: Pokemon Official | We Love Chihuahuas

You may think your Chihuahua is yappier than other dogs, but we already proved that to be false. However, that high-pitched bark that seems to erupt from your small pup every time the wind blows might remind you of a certain squawking Pokémon. Spearow is known for his very loud cry that can be heard over half a mile away. If you're nodding as you read this, then you already know what your dog's new name should be.


4 – Scyther

Images: Pokemon Official | Dublin Dog

No, your puppy did not accidentally take a sip of your espresso; some dogs are just faster than others. If your little Jack Russel is doing laps around the dog park with no sign of stopping, you might as well go ahead and change their name to Scyther. The blindingly fast Pokémon seems to match your pup's personality perfectly.


5 – Snorlax

Images: Pokemon Official | Point Ruston

Does is seem like the new pooch you just adopted from the shelter spends its day doing nothing more than eating and sleeping? Yup, sounds like you've got a loveable little Snorlax on your hands.


6 – Koffing

Images: Pokemon Official | Baggy Bulldogs

If your dog possesses the special talent of being able to completely clear a room in a matter of seconds, just go ahead and name him Koffing. This smelly Pokémon has the ability to raise the toxicity of its internal gases and jet them out from all over its body. Pe-yew!


7 – Pinsir

Images: Pokemon Official | The Ralph Retort

Bulging muscles, great definition and stares wherever you go — no, we're not talking about you. We're talking about your dog. If your pitbull or rottweiler puppy looks like they just came home from a session at the gym and is astoundingly strong, then you already know which Pokémon you should name them after — Pinsir.


8 – Flareon

Images: Pokemon Official |Smart Family Pets

Just like your super fluffy siberian husky or chow chow, the Pokémon Flareon's fur also has a functional purpose—it releases heat into the air so that its body does not get excessively hot. Who know there was a name so perfect for your furry friend!

9 – Dratini

Images: Pokemon Official | Dog Time

If it seems like your pup leaves a trail of hair wherever she goes and your clothes are constantly covered in her fur, it sounds like the name Dratini is just the right fit. This adorable Pokémon is known for continually molting and sloughing off its old skin. Seems accurate!

10 – Gengar

Images: Pokemon Official | Vet Street

Do you feel like there's always someone watching you? Are you constantly looking behind you because you feel like someone's following you? No, your mind isn't playing tricks on you. It's just your dog. And just like the Pokémon Gengar, they're just pretending to be your shadow.

Main Image:Rhi Ehara