What is a Sploot?

By Cuteness Team

If you've ever seen a dog or cat doing a cute stretch, you might have been tempted to give that adorable action a name. If so, you're not alone! There actually happens to be a stretch so unique that it's been christened the "sploot!"


What is a Sploot?

A sploot is a type of stretch that some pets do. Although it's typically associated with corgis, many types of dogs and cats can sploot too. This special stretch is defined as a pet laying on their belly while stretching their legs out behind them. When you see a pet splooting, it's a pretty funny sight—almost like they're ready to take flight à la Superman! Although a traditional sploot requires that both legs stick straight out, there are a couple of variations: A) the "half-sploot" (as I like to call it) is when only one leg is sticking out, and B) the "side sploot" is when the pet's legs don't stretch straight out but lean to one side.

Why Do Pets Sploot?

There are a lot of reasons why a pet might sploot. Maybe, they just need a good stretch in their hips and legs. If they're feeling overheated, they might be trying to cool their belly by pressing it into the ground. You might notice that some pets only sploot, or sploot more frequently, when they're young. This might be because their hips and legs are simply more flexible during their younger years, allowing them to easily perform this adorable stretch.

Now that you know all about sploots, you're on your way to catching your pet in the act. Just be sure to have a camera handy so you can show all your friends and family your pet's splooting skills!

By Sara Stuart, Cuteness Staff Writer

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Sara Stuart is a lifelong animal lover with a passion for rescue pets. Sara lives in Los Angeles, California with her family, including the head of her house–an adopted corgi mix, Buddy Cruiser.

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