Where Should I Put a Dog Bed?

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Every dog needs a good bed, and if you want them to get the most out of it, you have to put it somewhere appealing. If your dog doesn't approve of where you place it, she may not use it. But have no fear -- finding a good spot is an easy task!

Tip #1 - Watch your dog to see where she likes to hang out. For example, if your dog loves getting cozy in her crate, sticking the bed in there makes it all the more comfortable.

Tip #2 - Keep it visible, but out of the way. You wouldn't want your bed to be in the middle of a busy household, and neither does your dog. Keep it away from the flow of traffic, but in an area where people congregate, as dogs like to be near their pack at all times. This way, your dog can get her rest and still have company.


Tip #3 - Choose a warm spot. Not many dogs want to nap in front of a drafty window, but that spot in front of the heater vent is just begging for a dog bed.

Tip #4 - Find space in your bedroom for your dog's bed if you're sick of sharing your own. Your dog wants to be near you, even at night, and giving her a place to crash in your bedroom makes it easier to get out of sharing your own bed.

Tip #5 - Think outside the house. If your dog spends most of her time outside, why not keep another bed in the yard to give her a place to lie down other than the grass. Don't forget to bring it in at night to protect it from moisture and wild critters!


By Tom Ryan


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