Why Do Cats Sleep In The Sink?

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Cats have a special skill: finding the most purrfect spot to sleep. Sometimes, the right napping spot is in between your legs during movie night. Other times, your cat curls up in their favorite chair, blissfully snoozing away while the world keeps spinning. But what about the sink? Why do cats find a cold, and seemingly uncomfortable basin so desirable if it's so close to their mortal enemy, water?


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Warm and Padded Isn't Always Ideal

You might have noticed that during different times of the year, your cat finds different sleeping spots. Part of the reason why your cat might be attracted to the sink is the same reason why you sit under a tree on a sunny day: it's cooler. Your cat has a built in warming device—her fur, which is great for when it's cold outside, but it leaves your kitty in a prickly situation when the temperature starts heating up. Not only is your porcelain or ceramic bound to cool Fluffy down, it's also a great round shape that molds well to your kitty's curled positions.


Fresh Water

Cats dislike water for a number of reasons. When a cat is drenched in H2O, they can become weighted down, making it difficult to move as swiftly as usual. But what about the indoor/outdoor cats who love outdoor water but run away when you turn on the tap? Well, it's theorized that cats can actually detect the chemicals put into the public water supply for sanitation purposes. But some cats are actually attracted to fresh, flowing tap water and will drink right from the faucet! If this describes your cat, you can bet that it's a leading factor to why your kitty is a sink snoozer.



Your morning routine is probably something like this: your alarm goes off, you get out of bed, and then shuffle over to the bathroom. If your cat knows your AM routine, they might be positioning themselves to get your attention first thing in the morning. By snoozing away in the sink, Fluffy will be there to remind you of your most important task for the day- loving your kitty. There are lots of reasons why your cat is napping in your bathroom sink but one thing is clear: it's not a good idea to turn the faucet on while your cat's in the sink. A wet cat is usually an unhappy cat.



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