Why Is My Puppy Hiding and Growling?

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Puppies, although adorable, can seem like strange little creatures to someone who's never owned one. It's common for owners to question the different behaviors puppies have from adult dogs, and one such behavior is growling while hiding under the sofa. Whether it's fear or simple annoyance, getting to the root of the problem will help your new puppy better adjust to his new environment. It can also ease any worries you may have about the dog possibly being aggressive.


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Growling is often the result of fear. A number of triggers might cause your dog to growl and hide out of fear. It might be a new situation, such as moving to a new home or because you brought a new pet into the home. Your dog may even be afraid of a thunderstorm or strong winds. Consider what is happening that is different and, if possible, remove the trigger from the room. If the dog stops growling and can be coaxed out, you can begin to address the fear.



Your dog may also be anxious. Anxiety in dogs can be caused by a number of triggers. Causes of anxiety can range from lack of socialization to illness. A dog who is also in extreme pain may hide and growl when you attempt to pull him out from under the sofa. Again, try to pinpoint the trigger for the anxiety and remove it. This includes checking the dog for injuries and scheduling a vet visit if the behavior continues.



Stress can also cause your puppy to act out. It might be the stress of a recent vet visit or a move. Puppies can even become stressed by your own stress. Trying too hard to train a puppy can also be stressful. Consider what happens before the puppy hides under the sofa and growls and try to eliminate the stressful situation.



Puppies can also become annoyed. This is especially true if there are small children in the home that pester the animal. In this case the dog is letting the children know to back off. Give the puppy time to calm down and work on teaching your children to respect the dog's space and to be gentle with him. Dogs can also become annoyed with owners during the training process. Puppies can also become annoyed simply because they are tired and no one will leave them be.


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