World Pet Memorial Day in June

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On World Pet Memorial Day*, we at want to take a moment to honor all our community members' beloved pets who've crossed over the Rainbow Bridge into the Rainbow Fields—that perpetually sunshiny place where fleas (and baths!) are not allowed, rivers of kibble endlessly flow, and treats grows on trees.

Video of the Day

Here are some ideas for how you can honor the memory of your dearly departed friends in a truly meaningful way:

Contribute to a Cause - Pick your favorite charitable animal organization and give a donation in your pet's memory and/or volunteer your time to help out the animals in need.


Hold a Memorial Service - Go to a place that was special to your pet (e.g. your backyard, the beach, a park) and hold a memorial service there. Recall happy memories spent with him/her.

Dedicate a Living Memorial - Plant a tree, flower bed, or any other shrub in memory of your pet. Pick a tree/plant/flower that somehow represents your pet's unique personality.

Write from the Heart - Compose a poem, song, or a short memoir about your pet. Or, simply write a letter addressed to your pet telling them what they meant to you.


But, above all, always remember that cuteness lives forever.

*Note: World Pet Memorial Day is observed either on the second Tuesday or Sunday in June, depending on who you ask.