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cat Names: cat

Cat is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Cat? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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My name is Cat. I never really got named and the name Cat just kinda stuck with me. Im an outdoor cat and I stay in a garage at night. My human daddys sister brought me home after finding me outside as a kitten. I still live outside because I could never come in because my daddy was allergic. However I am taken care of very well and I even have a liter box! I get cat treats and I have a cat house too! I love the place where i live. There is a dog named Sparkle who doesnt really like me so she just ignores me but thats fine with me. I dont have many pictures but as I get more my parents will add them. When my human daddy comes over I always come out to see him and that makes him very happy and it makes me happy too. I am very old and my meow sound like ow *mol* i love headbutting and climbing up daddy. Everyone makes jokes that i am going to live forever because im an outdoor kittie and im so old. my daddy loves me very veryy veryyy much and he hopes that i will live forever!