How To Choose A Qualified Dog Trainer

Whether you are looking to teach some basics or are ready to tackle his troubling behaviors, there are plenty of qualified professionals ready to help.

With an overload of information online and thousands of options to choose from, how do you find the right trainer for you and your dog?

Research has shown time and time again that positive reinforcement methods are the most humane and effective ways to train animals and change behavior.

Pack theory has also been thoroughly debunked! ​If you are looking at a trainer's website and come across "pack leader"  consider it a red flag.​

it is also important that the trainer has a rock-solid understanding of modern canine behavior and learning theory.​

Questions to ask your trainer

"What happens when my dog gets it right?"

A good trainer will reinforce your pup positively with food, toys, play, praise, and access to their favorite things and  use a clicker or a verbal marker like "yes!".

"What happens when my dog gets it wrong?"

The goal is always to manage and prevent the unwanted behavior whenever possible, and to reward desired behaviors instead.

​If the trainer you are asking mentions correcting the dog with a sound, a motion, an aversive collar, a spray bottle, or anything in between, buyer beware​!

A heavy reliance on punishment in training can lead to a lot of fallout and damage your relationship with your dog.

Finding the best trainer for you and your dog might take a bit of vetting, but it's well worth the effort.