Cats Apparently Have 1 Of Just 5 Personality Types

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Everyone knows a good personality test takes precedence over even the most pressing of tasks; so tell your boss the meeting will start when it starts — right now you need to figure out your cat's personality type!

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Dr. Lauren Finka, a researcher at the University of Lincoln, interviewed more than 200 cats and their owners and determined that cats have one of five personalities. The categories of cat are Human Cat, Hunter Cat, Cats' Cat, Cantankerous Cat and Inquisitive Cat.


The Daily Mail reports that the personalities are created by "a complex interaction between each cat's genetics and their experiences during development and in adulthood." So, let's dive in and see which personality your cat has.


The Human Cat

The Human Cat is pretty sure they're a human, and is happiest on your lap or kneading your lap, preferably both.


The Hunter Cat

This cat excels at stalking and capturing its prey, and their owners can expect to receive a lot of unwanted "gifts."


The Cats' Cat

Similar to the Human Cat, the Cats' Cat is happiest when grooming, playing, or snuggling with other cats.


The Cantankerous Cat

Unless you're feeding him, this cat wants nothing to do with you and even then, leave the food and go.


The Inquisitive Cat

This cat will get to the bottom of every "mystery" in your house and into every box, bag, handbag, and lap that enters its domain.

What type of cat personality does your furry friend have? Tell us in the comment section below?


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