Here's A Pizza Hut Run By Cats Because Dreams Can Come True

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After their unforgettable 2014 introduction, the Pizza Hut cats are back! Three years after the initial success of their first marketing campaign, Japanese Pizza Hut commercials are again featuring some adorable cats who supposedly run the least efficient (but most adorable) Pizza Hut store in the entire world.

The epic nature of this cat-run Pizza Hut is not lost on these filmmakers. They introduce the cat workers with so much intensity, it's almost intimidating.

Many of the ads focus on the cats doing basic maintenance chores. But these furry felines are anything but basic.


These charming pizza cat ads are mostly focused on the new coupons available on the Pizza Hut app. That, and they're reminders of just how adorable it is to watch kittens attempt to do human work.


You don't need to speak Japanese to feel the tension between these feline coworkers. And it's no surprise that they may not always get along. Any cat owner will tell you the animals don't exactly respond well to being bossed around.

All of these incredible ads are available on YouTube. They answer important, pressing questions like, "What does a day in the life of a cat pizza worker look like?"


And they also explain exactly how your pizza would be delivered if you ordered from this special furry restaurant.

Seeing these will make you want to order some Pizza Hut right meow.