7-Week-Old Border Collie Pup Already Herding Sheep Like A Pro

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"I was born for this" -- Ciara the puppy

The first day at any new job prompts a rush of questions: Where is the closest bathroom? Is it cool to check my Facebook? Am I even qualified for this role?


But for Ciara, a 7-week-old border collie puppy, any performance concerns were immediately set to rest when she stared down a bossy ram 20 times her weight.

Video of the Day

The clip comes to us via Reddit, where it charted on r/gifs with a flood of upvotes (77,000+) and comments (1700+).



According to the video's description on YouTube, the fearless canine took to the task without any hesitation.

"Despite never laying eyes on the mammals before", it reads, she rounded up a pack of four sheep and returned them back to her proud human.

Press play to watch the adorableness!


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