15 Animals Who Have Big Butts & They Cannot Lie

The booty has made a comeback in pop culture over the past few years. But big butts aren't just popular in humans. It turns out, they're also adorably charming on animals, as well.

1. If she's a raccoon; we're raccoons.

2. Nobody was ready for this jelly.

corgi butt
credit: Giphy

3. That good booty.

4. This cat has literal junk in the trunk.

balloon booty
credit: Giphy

5. Real pigs have curves.

6. That thic you want!

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7. Cuteness coming from both ends.

butt stuck
credit: Giphy

8. Portrait of a beautiful behind.

corgi with big butt
credit: Reddit

9. Dat butt, doe!

three dogs with big butts
credit: Reddit

10. "Garfield's got nothing on me."

fluff butt
credit: Giphy

11. If you can learn to love it, you can learn to live with it.

dog door
credit: Giphy

12. "No, you need a bigger couch."

13. This bunny had a few too many Cadbury eggs.

14. Bigger behinds make for more comfortable seats.

15. When people say you could shed a few pounds but you're like, "Nah, I'm cool with me."

cat scratch
credit: Giphy