17 Dogs Who've Made Huge Mistakes

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Dogs causing chaos is super exasperating, #truth. But guess what? It's also SUPER hilarious. Well, if you're not the one who has to clean up that mess, that is.

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Below, some of our favorite guilty pups who have made HUGE mistakes and are very sorry. Well, sometimes sorry.

1."Whoops, sorry, didn't mean to destroy your slippers forever."

2. When your little troublemaker helps you "redecorate."

3. "Personally, I think your hat looks way more fashion-forward now that it's half-chewed off."

4. Yeah, that glitter in the carpet is never coming out, but definitely spend an hour trying to vacuum it all up, be our guest.

5. Okay, there's at LEAST one bad dog here.

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6. Here's another crime duo who basically destroyed this room.

7. "It may look like I'm just lying around with a bunch of stuffed animals, but look closely and you'll see I CHEWED OFF ALL THEIR EYEBALLS HAHAHAHAHAHA."

8. When your dumbo pup forgets dogs can't eat chocolate.

9. Portrait of a dog who has figured out how to open the garbage can.

10. "You can tell your teacher I actually DID eat your homework."

11. Here's another dog who ate homework, apparently it's a real thing!

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12. Posing in front of her masterpiece.

13. Little guy just got REALLY excited about first aid.

14. What happens when a doggo tries to gift wrap.

15. And what happens when dogs try to BBQ.

16. "I messed up all your laundry, you're welcome."

17. When your dog hates your clean house so much she literally destroys your Swiffer.