17 Dogs Who've Made Huge Mistakes

Dogs causing chaos is super exasperating, #truth. But guess what? It's also SUPER hilarious. Well, if you're not the one who has to clean up that mess, that is.

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Below, some of our favorite guilty pups who have made HUGE mistakes and are very sorry. Well, sometimes sorry.

1."Whoops, sorry, didn't mean to destroy your slippers forever."

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2. When your little troublemaker helps you "redecorate."

3. "Personally, I think your hat looks way more fashion-forward now that it's half-chewed off."

4. Yeah, that glitter in the carpet is never coming out, but definitely spend an hour trying to vacuum it all up, be our guest.

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5. Okay, there's at LEAST one bad dog here.

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6. Here's another crime duo who basically destroyed this room.

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7. "It may look like I'm just lying around with a bunch of stuffed animals, but look closely and you'll see I CHEWED OFF ALL THEIR EYEBALLS HAHAHAHAHAHA."

8. When your dumbo pup forgets dogs can't eat chocolate.

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9. Portrait of a dog who has figured out how to open the garbage can.

10. "You can tell your teacher I actually DID eat your homework."

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11. Here's another dog who ate homework, apparently it's a real thing!

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12. Posing in front of her masterpiece.

13. Little guy just got REALLY excited about first aid.

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14. What happens when a doggo tries to gift wrap.

15. And what happens when dogs try to BBQ.

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16. "I messed up all your laundry, you're welcome."

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17. When your dog hates your clean house so much she literally destroys your Swiffer.

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