15 Sleepy Dogs Wearing Onesies Who Are Ready For Bed

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Can you scroll through this gallery of dogs clothed in pajamas without saying 'AWW'? Can you for reals???

1. "Sleep goals? Yeah, I'm crushing 'em."

2. "During the winter months, I'm always down to Netflix and chill."

3. "Just hear me out: If we hold still for Dad's photo, he'll reward us with SNACKS."

4. "The vet says I need lots of rest and relaxation so if anyone needs me, I'll be napping on the couch."

5. "Because big dogs deserve pj's too, amirite?"

6. "Mom tells her friends that she shops at Petco, but I know for a fact that my sleepwear comes from the Baby section at Target."

7. "Not a word of this to the cat. If he gets his paws on this picture, we'll never hear the end of it."

8. "My humans like to say that David Bowie's 'Diamond Dogs' was written about me, but I have my doubts."

9. "Some dogs are afraid to admit they wear jammy jams out in public, but I'm not one of them."

10. "This is the face I make when I remember it's a long weekend, and I don't need to leave the house for anything."

11. "Reading without the lights on is definitely a pet peeve of mine."

12. "The other dogs will be green with envy when they see me rocking my fresh new threads."

13. "Ain't no party like a slumber party"

14. "It's too early to post to Instagram but if you insist, okay, fine."

15. "Fancy a cuddle? There's room here on the couch for a second..."


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