17 Reasons You Should Date Dogs Instead Of Men

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Dating these days has gone to the dogs — and thank God for that!

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Clearly, we should be dating dogs instead of men who "act like dogs." The rationale might be obvious, but here are 17 specific reasons anyway.

1. Dogs know EXACTLY what to do during "that time of the month."

"Hurry up, babe, The Notebook is about to start."

2. Your boyfriend's squad will never be this epic.

3. When's the last time he took you on vacation? Exactly.

4. Asks about your day... ACTUALLY LISTENS!

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5. Don't feel like having sex? No problem!

giphy embed

6. You'll never be a single mother again.

7. Boyfriend never calls you back? You know what to do.

8. Tired of insensitive jerks? Well, then...

9. Man kisses are just gross.

10. Puppy kisses = the BEST thing EVAR!

11. Just two bad bitches who don't need no man.

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12. With a face like this, there would be ZERO fighting.

13. A...

14. or B?

That's what we thought...


15. Stop fighting over the radio and enjoy this face instead.

16. Supportive AF

"I got you, girl."

17. I mean, it just feels right.