23 Pets Who Wish You Weren't About To Vacuum

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We love our pets, obvi. But, sometimes we have to do terrible, awful, no-good, downright despicable things to them... like vacuum the rugs.

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Here are 23 pets that would really just rather we didn't.


1. "OMG. WTF is that?"

2. "Thiiiis Issss Nooot Fuuuny Daaaaad!"

3. "How do we get off? HOW DO WE GET OFF!?"

4. You thought you were the king of the jungle, didn't you?

5. "Aw, look at the cute snake. Oh wait, nope!"

6. "It's alive! Run for your lives!"

7. "Not what I meant when I said, 'Scratch my head.'"

8. "Don't you dare cross this line!"

9. "How do we save her from this evil sorcerer!?"

10. "Code Red! Not an ice-cream cone! Code Red!"

11. "Must save baby from soul-sucking monster."

12. When you hear your human start the vacuum and it's about to be a fight.

13. The emotional aftermath of a vacuum cleaner encounter. Never gonna be the same.

14. "Hey, why aren't you throwing the stick!?"

15. "I hate my life."

16. "I really hate my life."

17. "I'm too young to die!"

18. "Do I look like Santa to you?"

19. Definitely gonna puke.

20. "My name is Fido. You disturbed my sleep. Prepare to die."

21. "Seriously? You bought her a cat car to help out with these drive-by attacks???"

22. Or maybe it's the vacuums that should beware!

23. Let's just make the pets clean up instead, for everybody's sanity.