18 Hilarious Dogs Who Did Not Handle Their Easter Bunny Photoshoot Well

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Earlier in the week, PetSmart offered a free, in-store photo with the Easter Bunny for all pets.

As a concept, it's a fun promotion that has upside for both pet owners (because, hey, we all like free stuff) and the chain's retail locations (because more foot traffic and customers potentially buying things).


And this is how it looked on the brand's official social channels with a happy, relaxed, and trusting dog. A model experience.

Video of the Day

The only hitch? No one asked the dogs how they felt about posing with a strange human costumed in a giant bunny suit.

Video of the Day

And while some of the doggos were willing participants ...

... others were a measure less enthused. Or enthused at all, in any single way.


1. "Dear human, I will never forgive you for this indignity."

2. "This party is busted, I'm out."

3. "Can we just not?"

4. "Let's trade places and see how much you like it."

5. "Why would you do this to me? WHY???"

6."'Stop' is my safe word."

7. "I regret everything that led up to this moment."

8. "For the love of dog, just take the hecken picture already."

9. "Go to PetSmart and meet the Easter Bunny, they said. It'll be fun, they said .... "

Michael Bluth narrator voice: "But it was not fun."



10. "I will lull them into a false sense of security with compliance. When they drop their guard, I'll make a break for it."

11. "This will haunt me for the rest of my days."

12. "No, seriously, how did it come to this?"

13. "Thanks, but no thanks." #overit

14. "How about a big fat dose of NOPE?"

15. "I hereby cast a curse on your house and all future descendants, Mr. Easter Bunny."

16. "I blinked twice. That was your cue to rescue me."

17. "This is the most embarrassing thing ever. If the cat finds out, I'll never hear the end of it."

18. "Hoppy Easter everyone! Maybe next year I’ll smile. MAYBE. 😳🐣🐰"

Hoppy Easter everyone! Maybe next year I’ll smile. 😳🐣🐰

For more pictures of pets with the Easter Bunny, bounce on over to Instagram.

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