25 Of The Most Epic Animal Photobombs In The History Of Epic Animal Photobombs

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what's the going rate for an LOL-quality, shock-and-aww photobomb? From seals to squirrels and cats to cows, these scene-stealing animals just want to be included in your frame.


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1. Finding the right place for an engagement photo can be a tough nut to crack for any young couple.

2. "Oh hai, got room for one more?"

3. "I was tickled pink with the way this shot turned out."

4. "I'll lull the dog into a false sense of security and then 'BLAM!', revenge will be mine."

5. "So I said 'Nothin, what's new with ewe?' and we just laughed and laughed. . ."

6. "Can you two PLEASE quit horsing around and smile nice for the camera?" — exasperated photog

7. "Sure, we can try to fix that in Photoshop." — a creative director somewhere in Florida

8. "As long as I get the anchovies I was promised, I'll hover here as long as they want." — this sea lion

9. "Photobombing a stranger's sexy beach pose? That's some cold-blooded shit." — this lizard

10. "Are you putting this on Tinder?"

11. "If my name isn't top billed on the poster, you'll be hearing from my agent."

12. "I keep telling him to moo-ve along, but he seems fenced in by his poor life decisions."

13. When asked if he had any advice for the first-time surfer, the whale paused momentarily to gather his thoughts: "Do a barrel roll."

14. Officer: "I'm gonna need to see your license and registration, please."

15. "All's fair in love and photobombs" — this dog

16. "Coming through, I have enough miles to koalify for an upgrade to first class on the next flight."

(Soz, not soz)


17. "Reading over my shoulder has always been a ~pet peeve~ of mine." — this turtle

18. "I will never ever forget this slight."

19. "Have fun cropping me out." — this seagull

20. "Creepers gonna creep" — this cat

21. Best. Donkey. Photobomb. Ever.

22. Because it wouldn't be a wedding without at least a couple of unexpected guests. #weddingcrashers

23. 😂 😂 😂

24. "As I looked through the camera lens I could see something creeping in to the frame… When I realized it was a baby sloth, I clicked the button as fast as I could, not that he was going anywhere fast."

Backstory here.


25. If it happened on the internet it has to be true, right?

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