Is It Safe To Pop My Dog's Zits?

Just like humans, dogs can experience both acne and cysts. While there are some home remedies out there, we wondered: Is it safe to pop your dog's zits?

dog with a beauty mask
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What causes dog acne?

The exact cause of dog acne is not well understood, but many experts think that it's the "result of a bacterial infection which is secondary to a trauma or other trigger," according to PetWave. Others think there may be a genetic predisposition in some dogs. Still others theorize that dog acne, just like human acne, is caused at least in part by hormones. This theory is rooted in the fact that acne is most common in younger dogs, especially those who are still growing. Though the specifics aren't clear yet, dog acne, like human acne, seems to have a connection with both bacteria and hormones.

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The symptoms of dog acne are pretty obvious — a series of raised bumps, usually around the dog's chin or muzzle. PetWave points out that dog acne "more of a cosmetic distraction for owners of companion dogs than it is a serious medical condition." Just like with human acne, your dog's acne isn't going to hurt them — just annoy them on prom night.

How should I treat my dog's acne?

As mentioned above, dog acne isn't serious. That said, it's difficult for an untrained eye to know whether you're looking at acne, cysts, or a more serious condition. That's why you should always take your dog to a vet for diagnosis first.

If your dog does have acne, you shouldn't pop his zits, as satisfying as it may sound. Though dog pimple popping videos are bafflingly popular, it's not safe to pop your dog's pimples unless you really know what you're doing. A vet is a much better pimple popper than us laypeople.

To treat dog acne at home, make sure your dog is bathed frequently, use medicated shampoos, and above all, be patient. Just like with humans, most dog acne clears up once the dog reaches adulthood. Dog acne may be a nuisance, but it won't last forever. Just buy your dog a beautiful prom dress and no one will notice her embarrassing zit.

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