16 Funny Photos That Will Make You Love Pets More Than You Already Do

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Pets really are the best.

But if you need proof —or just want to scroll some sweet, sweet pet pics— these random, funny images of our furry friends being their hilarious selves will reaffirm your love of animals.


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1. Someone forgot how to dog.

2. It's best to keep solar-powered cats in the sun to charge their battery.

3. "Rise humans!"

4. Trader Joe's new exotic ginger catto spice.

5. If you have a cat and extra bread — this is exactly what you do.

6. We would gladly be drug off a plane for this cutie!

7. Sit down (drank). Stand up (drank).

8. That sausage, tho

9. You mess with doggo, you get the chompo.



Remember: The Simpsons always predicted it.

10. This kid who has his priorities straight.

11. This poor dog will be paying back student loans for decades.

12. Back away slowly...

13. This dog who remembers the good old days.

14. Full combat-mode doggo.

15. Howdy purrtner...

16. When your friend is photogenic, but you have a quadruple chin.