21 Things You'll Understand If You Have A Big Dog

Statistically speaking, most of these dogs are named Bear. If they're not named Bear, they're probably named Zeus. If they're neither Zeus nor Bear, they might be Tiny, but whatever they're called, they are majestic and adorable.

1. "I think you'll find that I am indeed a lap dog."

Big dog on woman's lap.
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2. There is nowhere you can hide treats. Nowhere.

Big dog looks on top of refrigerator.
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3. "If it fits, I sits. If no fits, I sits anyway."

Big dog on woman's lap.
credit: Instagram

4. You can't ignore a dog this big.

Big dog outside window.
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5. "No, please, tell me more about how this is 'your' chair."

Big dog in chair.
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6. Big dog, little snores.

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7. One of the pros of having a big dog: You'll never lack for a dance partner.

Big dog standing on back legs with woman.
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8. Look, this moose's antlers are sprouting leaves!

Big dog sitting under tree.
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9. "Oh. I guess I'll just, uh, wait here."

Big dog can't fit between fence posts.
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10. Yee-haw! *

Baby on big dog's back.
credit: Cheezburger

Author's Note: Please don't let children ride dogs. Regardless of size, a dog's back muscles aren't designed to carry a passenger, and placing weight there could result in serious injuries to the dog's hips and spine.

11. Maybe not such a Great Dane after all.

12. "What is this, a car for Europeans?"

Dog next to miniature car.
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13. Silly cow, that's a dog door!

Dog sticking its head out of dog door.
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14. How's that chin rest treating you, big guy?

Dog on couch resting its chin on coffee table.
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15. Slurp slurp slurp sluuurrrrrpppp

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16. "I think my kennel shrank."

Big dog squeezed into small dog carrier.
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17. Extreme climates call for extreme coats.

Man carrying big dog on shoulders.
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18. Fun fact: Great Danes are the reason cars have sunroofs.

Dog sticking its head out of sunroof.
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19. Big doggy kisses seem like a great idea right up until you're drenched in drool.

Big dog nose-to-nose with man.
credit: Imgur

20. "This year I'm a lion. Last year I was Clifford. When will I get to show them the real me?"

Dog wearing lion's mane.
credit: Instagram

21. Look out! It's a yeti!

Big white dog sleeping in front of woman.
credit: Tumblr