32 Cats Sleeping In Awkward Positions

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We know animals love to sleep in insanely awkward positions. Cats are no exception to this rule, and they actually might be the most awkward sleepers in the animal kingdom. They don't really seem to care where they sleep or how awkwardly they have to contort their bodies to get their nap on.


Here are 32 cats sleeping in bizarrely awkward positions.

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

1. This cat, who chills harder than you.

2. This cat whose balancing skills are next level.

3. This cat whose position would impressive even if it were awake.

4. This cat who is smooshed against a glass bowl.

5. This cat who's a total square. GET IT?

6. This cat who is just hanging around?

7. This cat who... got here somehow?

8. This cat who has her hands in the air (and just don't care).

9. This cat who's sleeping on top of a dog.

10. This cat who is a literal underdog.

11. This cat who is sleeping on a chair in a very unique way.

12. This cat who found a use for your old DVDs after all.

13. This cat whose nap can't be contained by a single chair.

14. This cat who is curled into impeccable fetal position.

15. This cat who is living your December nap goals.

16. This cat who's basically doing sleep yoga.

17. These cats who found a new use for their food bowl.

18. This cat who's kind of a basket case.

19. This cat who makes living in a gutter look pretty darn comfy, TBH.

20. This cat who is the world's most awkward cuddler.

21. This cat who simply CANNOT be comfortable, right?

22. This Khaleesi cat.

23. This cat who has an INTERESTING roommate.

24. This kitten who might be choking the cat whose neck it's sleeping on.

25. This cat who seriously might need medical attention.

26. This cat who is technically sleeping on a bed... erm, part of a bed anyway?

27. This cat who knows how to nap on the go.

28. This cat who is curled into a circle.

29. This cat who has found the BEST use for Uggs.

30. These cats who like co-sleeping in a double decker stroller.

31. This cat who found a thoroughly awkward position to nap in outside.

32. This cat who is like a cat knot.


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