18 Things People Who Grew Up With Cats Will Understand

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Growing up with a cat you learned a lot of valuable life lessons, like empathy, patience, and love. And to guard your food.

18 Things People Who Grew Up With Cats Will Understand
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1. You learned to be resilient. Many, many times.

No matter how many times that cat knocked you down, you got back up.


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2. Situational awareness was key, since you were in constant danger of a cat attack.

3. Once you realized your doll houses and doll clothes were cat-sized, you did not waste any time tucking your cats in bed and dressing them up.

And they liked it (for the most part).


4. The cat taught you the importance of cleanliness.

Especially if you spilled food.


5. Early on, you discovered the joy of sharing.

6. You also learned how it feels to be taken advantage of.

7. You wisely became adept at guarding your food from prying paws.

Because they will never stop trying to steal it from you.

8. Lowered expectations were a reality when it came to your cat's affection.

9. Unless it was their idea.

Either way, you were happy to oblige!



10. You were rarely bored. The cats were fun to play with even if they were asleep.

Spoiler: They were asleep a lot.


11. Although the cats weren't much help, homework was entertaining.

12. Reading was pretty much impossible though.

13. Cleaning was both impossible and more interesting with the cat's help.

14. You accepted that cat hair in your food was the norm a long, long time ago.

15. On a serious note, you witnessed the horrors of drug abuse.

So you never experimented with drugs yourself.



16. Most importantly, you were never, ever alone.

17. Even when you kinda wanted to be alone.

18. Growing up with a cat was the best. You have a cat to thank for teaching you important life lessons, and that's why you're such a wonderful person now!


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