16 Dogs To Share With Your Dad

Where would we be without dads? Well, biologically speaking, we wouldn't exist. In a less literal way, dads have a very important purpose.

1. He teaches you valuable life lessons.

Dog and puppy bury sock.
credit: Cheezburger

2.   He shares his hobbies with you.

Dog and puppy chew lumber.
credit: Cheezburger

3. He tries to fit in with your friends.

Dog wearing hat and pants on skateboard.
credit: Tumblr

4. He knows a lot about cars. Maybe.

Dog looking into car engine.
credit: Buzzfeed

5. He has mastered the art of the guilt trip.

Dog wearing glasses looks disapproving.
credit: Quick Meme

6. "Hey kids! Wanna hear a joke?"

Dog makes silly face.
credit: Cheezburger

7. You don't want to hear a joke, but he tells you anyway.

Dog with baby.
credit: Imgur

8. He knows how to have fun.

Dog in gardening outfit.
credit: Dump a Day

9. Sometimes he needs a little tech support.

Dog staring at computer.
credit: 9gag

10. He can't really keep up with the latest fashion trends.

Dog looking disapproving.
credit: Cheezburger

11. He's always got your back.

Dog and puppy.
credit: Cheezburger

12. "Now let's do a funny one!"

Dog and puppy.
credit: Cheezburger

13. He's the barbecue master.

Dog at grill.
credit: Imgur

14. He gives great advice (sort of).

Dog eating whipped cream from can.
credit: Cheezburger

15. He may not be your biological dad, but he loves you with all his heart.

Dog snuggling kitten.
credit: Tumblr

16. You are his proudest accomplishment.

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