This Mysterious Dog Appears All Over Street-View Maps

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A street view photographer exploring Ulleungdo, an island located 75 miles east of the Korean Peninsula, was shadowed by an unexpected assistant — a golden retriever who photobombed each and every image!

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While the identity of the shutterbug remains unclear, pictures of the furry interloper first surfaced on Imgur, where they were met with great enthusiasm — 276 comments and 447,000+ views can't be wrong, amirite? — and promoted to the site's massively popular homepage.

When asked if the good boy was his, the author of the post, MinimalResults, claimed that "[he] belongs to one of the residents in that island and they forgot to put it on a leash." (WHOOPS!)


Regardless of where exactly he came from or who his humans are, the handsome pup is welcome to crash our Instagram feed anytime he wants.

If you'd like to dig deeper into Ulleungdo's panoramic map, bounce on over and search for "죽도".


Below: More of the epic and adorable scenery!

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