19 Amazing Moments Your Pet Will Never Forget

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No two pets live exactly the same life, but there are some unforgettable first times for all of them.

1. Coming home with their new family is probably a treasured memory.

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2. Especially, if they got to stick their head out the window!

3. Of course, some pets might remember that car trip a little differently.

4. They're definitely still having flashbacks to the first time at the vet.

5. They'll never forget meeting the other members of the family.


Wind the tape back, let's see that one more time.

6. How about the moment they discovered their twin in the mirror universe?

7. They remember being introduced to new foods.

8. Not every new food is going to be a hit.

9. Remember the time you took them to heaven in a hand basket?

10. They remember the first 'nip trip, but it's pretty hazy.

11. How about when they realized that some dogs are really big?

12. Or reeeeally little!

13. They might be used to it now, but they probably still remember the first battle against the leash.

14. Unforgettable!

15. Remember the time the ground was all cold and squishy? What was up with that?

16. That was right around the time they learned about Christmas trees.

17. Was that before or after they met their arch nemesis, aka the vacuum cleaner?

18. There have been a lot of naps over the years, but some were better than others.

19. Yeah, some naps were just about perfect.

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