Just 21 Of The Cutest Baby Goats You've Ever Seen

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Can you, a real human being with a beating heart, make it through this list of funny baby goats without LOLing? CAN YOU REALLY?

1. FACT: Baby goat bleps > all other baby bleps.

2. Baby goat see, baby goat do. (Hover over to play.)

3. "Please, no jokes about my ears, I've already ~herd~ them all."

4. Just a dog bottle-feeding a baby goat, NBD. 😲😲😲

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6. "We might have met on Tinder, but that doesn't mean our relationship has no strings attached."

7. Your guess is as good as ours!  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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8. "No time for questions, just get in."

9. "I must go now, my planet needs me"

10. Interspecies head-butts are adorable AF.

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11. When ur human says "who's a good boy" and u already know it's u.

12. Cutest. Fail. Ever.

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13. Funniest. Slide. Ever.

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14. My squad when it's Taco Tuesday at our favorite bar.

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15. Me after my boss asked me to stay late on a Friday.

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16. "You're recording this? You've goat to be kidding me!"

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17. "I like his contributions so far but that new intern can get a bit too enthusiastic during the Friday all-hands meeting."

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18. When you can't reach the itch and bae isn't there to scratch it for you.

19. "Paper or plastic?"

20. Pictured below: One-half of the notorious duo known as the BaaAAaaAAAaah-barossa Brothers.

21. CONFIRMED: The grass really is greener on the other side!

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