You'll Be Amazed By How Much This Tubby Tabby Has Slimmed Down

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There are chubby cats and then there are chubby cats.


Case in point: Symba, a 6-year-old tabby that washed into the Humane Rescue Alliance, a Washington D.C. shelter, earlier this month when his previous owner moved to an assisted living facility and was forced to surrender him.



According to staff, this girthful gato tipped the scales at a whopping 35 pounds — that's bigger than a lion cub — and was the largest kitty they had ever seen.

Described as "sweet" and "mellow", Symba was an instant hit with employees. And after the nonprofit shared his plight — and hefty figure — on Facebook, the internet was equally smitten.


"We know he'd be much more comfortable if he slimmed down a bit. If you're up for the challenge, he'd love to go home with you and continue his weight loss journey. This handsome fellow is sweet, mellow, and waiting for a new home where he can thrive. Meet him at our New York Avenue adoption center today."

The viral buzz had its intended effect: Less than two days later, a local family came forward to re-home the giant ginger — and they pledged to help Symba work off the excess chub until he reaches his "goal weight of '18 to 20' pounds".


"We were overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and well wishes for sweet Symba. We are even more thrilled that we were able to help Symba find a loving, new home today! Symba’s new adopters are dedicated to getting him healthy by continuing on his current diet and exercise plan, and most importantly giving him the love and care he deserves so he can thrive long term. We’ll be rooting for you Symba!"

The touching meet cute was captured on video — natch — and it will give you the feels. Watch it below!

Even funnier, however, is this clip of the portly puss reluctantly spinning on an exercise wheel. As anyone that's ever tried to slim down with exercise and a healthier diet knows, the first step is often the hardest.



Like many pet parents today, Symba's new humans have created a Facebook account for their "tubby tabby".

And if this update is any indication, it appears as if he is adjusting nicely to his new home.

Good luck Symba, everyone here at Cuteness is rooting for you!

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