22 Puppies Climbing Stairs For The First Time

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Everything puppies do is beyond adorable. So it's no surprise that watching a puppy attempt to become a true stair master will make your heart grow.

1. When it comes to learning a new skill, sometimes you've got to dive in head first.

2. It helps with confidence to get some momentum going.

3. Why fight the laws of nature?

4. +1 for the transition at the end. Very smooth, my dude.

5. And if you take a tumble ...

... pick yourself right back up and try again.

6. So close and yet so far!

7. Always nice to close out a climb by looking back down on the route you just took up

8. Sometimes you need your friends to show you how it's done ...

... and even get step-by-step instructions. 😛

9. Encouragement can take many forms.

10. It's especially valuable if you have an older mentor.

11. Or, of course, if you have several mentors.

12. Maybe you can use the buddy system to learn.

13. Or you may learn better in big groups.

14. After all, there's nothing like having a like-minded community around you to help.

15. Especially if that community is unbelievably cute.

16. Like any seemingly overwhelming task, you've got to just take it one step at a time.

17. And remember, things won't always go the way you planned.

18. Even if it's something that seems impossible and makes you want to scream at first ...

19. ... it will feel so good when you finally start to get the hang of it.

20. Of course, the first few attempts might not turn out like you expected.

21. But life's challenges are all a matter of perspective and the risk is not without reward.

22. So no matter how much you may hesitate at first, just go for it! (Worth the wait we assure you...)

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