These 24 Dogs Photobombing Humans Will Make You Double-Check Every Photo You’ve Taken

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We love a good photobomb, but when it comes courtesy of a non-human, it's even better . Here are 24 dogs whose photobombs deserve all of the actual awards.

1. Best Engagement Photobomb

2. Okay, OTHER Best Engagement Photobomb

3. Best Making-It-Look-Like-Your-Head-Is-the-Human's-Head Photobomb

4. Best Making-It-Look-Like-Your-Ears-Are-the-Baby's-Ears Photobomb

5. Best Making-the-Human-Look-Like-She's-Half-Dog Photobomb

6. Best Teen Selfie Photobomb

"Does my butt look big in this?"


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

7. Best Family Selfie Photobomb

8. Best Posed Family Portrait Photobomb

9. Best Awkward Photobomb

So. Much. Derp.


10. Best Romance Photobomb

11. Best Leaping Photobomb

12. Best He Has Doubts About How Long This Will Last Photobomb

13. Best Photobomb Of Another Dog's Picture

14. Best Baby Photobomb

15. Best Heck Yeah Photobomb

16. Best Behind-Your-Back Photobomb

17. Most Adorable Beach Bomb

18. Best Public Event Photobomb

19. Best But I'm Your Favorite, Right Photobomb

20. Best Bed Selfie Photobomb

21. Best Wedding Crasher Photobomb

22. Best Yoga Photobomb

23. Best Let Me In Already Photobomb

24. Best Textbook Hip Check Photobomb

This pup has a future in the NHL (National Husky League).


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