22 Bossy Cats Who Think They're In Charge

Having a dog is having a pet. Having a cat is having a very bossy roommate ... who wins every fight. Here are 22 cats who think they're completely in charge.

1. "I called dibs."

2. "Have you met my chauffeur, Roomba?"

3. "I'm literally just helping you."

4. "I'm totally still listening. I'm just resting my eyes."

5. "Away from me, peon."

6. "FEED ME, (Seymour)!"

7. "But like really. Feed me now."

8. "LOL, too slow, dog."

9. "Call me Sheldon because this is my spot."

10. "This, puny human, is how you do a pull-up."

11. "I'm sorry, but you need to make an appointment."

12. "This is what humans do. I'm human now."

13. "Aw, you think you decide where I go? That's cute."

14. "Don't question my decision-making process."

15. "Don't test me."

16. "We cuddle when I say we cuddle."

17. "You have made a dangerous enemy."

18. "Just some light reading."

19. "I said I WALK FIRST."

20. "All the food is my food."

21. "Here's what I think of your kisses."

22. "Lawl."