29 Things You Know If Your Facebook Profile Is A Photo Of A Cat

As a person who has spent most of her Facebook life using a profile photo of a cat, I can tell you some stuff about us cat people. We're a special breed of cat crazy.

1. First of all, we're only on the internet because cats.

2. We know that nothing dries your tears like kitty paws.

3. We love other people's cats just as much as our own.

4. Did I mention that we love cats?

5. If our cat doesn't like you, then you're outta here.

6. We spend a lot of time with cats.

7. Yes. We would.

8. Parties are only fun if there's a cat to talk to.

9. We're just fine with the cat lady stereotype.

10. It's a challenge to find someone crazier about cats than ourselves, but they are out there.

11. We are proud of our cats ... all 16 of them.

12. Our favorite superhero.


13. Cat hats are not a waste of money. We know this.

Especially when it brings out their wild side.

14. We can't wait to get home from work to see the cat.

15. We have cattoos.

16. Our pawdicures speak for themselves ...

17. Sometimes we see cats where there are no cats.

18. We know where we stand with our cats.

19. Cats are darling little homicidal maniacs. And we're cool with it.

20. We've seen a cat's butthole more than once.

21. The only worthwhile selfie is with your cat.

22. Books with cats are the best books.

Image Credit: Amanda Rock

23. If there's a cat on it, we will buy it.

24. This is a purrfectly reasonable hair style to wear to the office.

25. There is nothing like that new kitten smell.

26. We firmly believe in spaying and neutering, as well as adopting not shopping.

27. And don't even talk to us about declawing.

28. Cat cafes > people cafes.

29. Us, basically.

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