You'll Want To Share These 16 Ridiculous Animal Photos Immediately

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Cuteness' Meme Research Team has been working all night long on dusting off the 16 silliest animal photos that were unearthed in a recent archeological dig several miles south of the Detroit pyramids. (Editor's Note: There are no such things as pyramids in Detroit. None of this has actually happened ... at least, not yet)


1. "Do you work at a zoo? Because you're a keeper!"

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2. No time to explain — get in here!

3. When grandad enlists you to help find the beef jerky your mom hid from him.

4. When your boss has another "quick favor" before quitting time, but you pretend not to hear her.

5. When you're a mess, and your BFF just looks at you.

6. When you leave the room, and your little brother says something he thinks you can't hear.

7. "My girlfriend attempted to hold both of her cats at once."

When your aunt wants a photo with both you and your sister, but that b**** just ate the last Gogurt.


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8. When you think you're ready to walk to school without your mom — but not really.

9. When your uncle has one too many beers at the cookout and decides to tell you how things "really are."

10. When you return to the mothership.

11. When something's holding you back, but you just can't put your finger on it.

12. Would totally watch this version of the "Handsmaid's Tale."

13. #FACTS

14. When all you want is a sandwich, but you've got no dang meats and cheeses.

15. Five hundred what, exactly?

16. When you're excited about summer vacation, but then you realize you're 17-years-old and all of your friends have jobs.

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