20 Cats Who Are Totally Judging You

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If you suspect your cat is judging you, then you're right! Here are twenty more judgy cats for you to disappoint.

1. This cat who thinks you're a bore.

2. "Next time leave the packing paper in, okay?"

3. "My cat when I participate in the latest Tik Tok challenge"

Just don't.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

4. You have severely misjudged this cat's interest in fitness.

5. These cats think you're basic for doing yoga.

This one seems into it tho:

6. This cat is truly saddened by your life choices.

7. "You have us confused for animals who can be trained to do stuff."

No tuna, no race.



8. This cat is mad at you.

I'm sure you did something to deserve it.


9. This cat is only disappointed in himself.

The dog will never let them live it down.


10. "What did I say about filling the bowl to the top? Does that look like the top?"

11. "When I said 'Let's roll' this is not what I had in mind"

Dogs can be judgmental too!



12. This cat is SHOCKED at your poor housekeeping.



13. A sure way to disappoint your cat is to buy no-name cat food.

What kind of existential crisis is the cat on the package going through?!


14. This cat is judging you for poor life decisions.

Not impressed with the addition of the turtle, BTW.


15. I think this cat is just depressed.

I'm not sure if it's anything you did.


16. This cat has seen better gardens.

But will still sit in your pots.

17. What did you say to this kitty?!

18. You're gonna get a lecture from this cat.

Probably about getting your shit together.

19. All six of these cats are running away from home tonight.

20. Not cool human.

Not cool.

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