22 Of The Most Unbelievably Funny Animal Photos Of All Time

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These photos and GIFs will NEVER not be funny.

1. "This cat has one foggy eye. Add a bow tie and he instantly becomes a James Bond villain."

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Likes his martinis shaken, not purred.


2. "This is the No.1 reason I work in the aviation industry lol. Literally the best day ever."

3. "He's the dot matrix printer version of birds" = πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

4. When you want to be close to the stage, but you end up in the middle of the mosh pit.

5. Praise be to the hotdoggo gods!

6. "This isn't what I ordered at all."

7. "Shame never tasted so good." β€” this doggo

8. "Does this crate make my butt look big?"

9. All cats are cute, but this one is truly a-door-able (sozzy, not sozzy).



10. Be the role model your dog thinks you are.

11. When you remember there's no more toilet paper and you have to get creative #multitaskingFTW.

12. "My army is ready, we attack at nightfall"

13. Some might call it "fake news." Me? I prefer the term hogwash.

14. "Let's just skip the bowl and put the food directly in my mouth."

No dishes to wash! #lifehack


15. Reading over the shoulder is one of my biggest PET PEEVES but in this case, I'd allow it.

16. Proof that all cats β€” even the big ones β€” blep.

17. Cutest. Cuddle. Puddle. Ever.

18. Just act casual and they won't suspect a thing.

19. The struggle is real.

20. Small floof has BIG hops.

21. "There's an unidentified aircraft on the landing strip below you, a-bork, a-bork!!!"

"I have made a terrible mistake" -- this dog

22. Like any good magician, he could pull a rabbit out of a hoot.

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