Be On The Look Out For These 19 Naughty Cats Who Were Purroled For Adorable Behavior

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Cats are shady, man. It's no surprise to learn that many of our feline friends are career criminals.

Check out this gallery of hard-as-claws catvicts waiting to return to a life of crime when they roam the streets on purrole.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

1. Whiskers was arrested for money laundering, which is when a cat sits on money and takes a bath.

2. Max spent 8 years doing time for fraud and identity theft.

3. Here's Fluffy, who was convicted of phishing crimes.

4. Convicted of illegal copycatting, this kitten was sent straight to juvie.

This is one bad-ass feline.



5. Mittens was tried as an adult and just finished up a five-year sentence for ankle assault.

We are totally jelly of his purrole officer.


6. Fluffy and Muffy both pleaded guilty for third-degree cat fighting.

7. Remember kids, catnip is a gateway drug to harder substances.

Take it from Marmalade, who started down a dark path after his first sniff of the green stuff.


8. This kitty pleaded guilty for breaking and entering and being super sassy, an unforgivable crime.

Just kidding. We forgive you sweetie face.



9. Meet Oscar. He was sentenced for cat napping.

10. Cockfighting is a heinous act. Mittens was serving 20-to-life, but she had a good cat lawyer.

11. This fat-cat banker cat served 10 years for embezzling all the noms.

12. Little Chloe was caught red-pawed.

13. Attempted murder was the charge for these two. They were let out early for good behavior, but only because there were no plants in cat prison.

14. Convicted of running an illegal "massage parlor", Domino served four years.

15. Another attempted murder case. smh.

16. Stealing was a compulsion for this kleptomanicat.

17. Inspired by true crime tales, Socks mastermind minded her own purramid scheme.

18. "And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!"

19. Coco is not eligible for purrole this year thank goodness. Dogs everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief.

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