20 Cats Who Are On A Secret Mission Too Dangerous For You To Know About

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Here are 20 sneaky cats who are completely convinced they are James Bond.

1. Rule No. 1 of being a spy: Stay. Ready.

2. "This is how I'll save the day!"

3. "Trust me. I've got you. And, no, I won't fall."

4. James Bond wishes he could fit in here.

5. Let's go catch some bad guys.

6. "Can you see me? Of course, you can't see me."

7. Waiting for the signal.

8. "My spy glasses tell me the enemy is on the move."

9. Don't forget the importance of blending in.

10. Wait for it ...

11. Wait for it ...


13. "Don't worry. I'll protect you from this vicious child."

14. Gotta dress the part — with a tuxedo and bow tie of course.

15. "Give me a meowtini. Shaken, not purred."

16. Hidden Identity. Check.

17. He's trained his whole life for this moment.

18. Good kitty spies aren't afraid to call for backup.

19. Mad Skillz

20. Pussy Galore

So the next time you see a fine feline jumping through the air or masterfully disguising himself behind a really thin pole, just look the other way and stay off of his path. Chances are he's on a mission greater than anything you could ever imagine.


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