17 Animals Who Would Be Picked Last In Gym Class

If you weren't gifted with an abundance of athleticism and agility, playing team sports in school was probably pretty embarrassing. Don't worry; these animals understand how you feel.

1. Tryouts for the track team didn't go so well.

2. Why kick the soccer ball when you could take a nap on it instead?

3. Good hustle!

4. "I'm out. Take it, please."

Small monkey with a baseball.
credit: Heavy

5. Maybe this dog should just fetch some water for the rest of the team.

6. Getting tangled in the net is not a valid tennis strategy.

7. Don't be scared; the ball isn't going to bite you.

Dog trying to catch a ball.
credit: Imgur

8. "I got it! I got it! I don't got it."

9. Stop trying to make fetch happen.

10. Hey, Kevin, how about letting someone else play tetherball for a while?

11. This dog should probably stay away from football... and wrestling... any contact sports, actually.

12. You're not going to get any better if you don't even try!

13. Grumpy Cat doesn't care about your dumb sports anyway.

Grumpy cat.
credit: imgflip

14. Keep your eye on the ball. Keep your eye on the - never mind.

Husky failing to catch a ball.
credit: New York Post

15. "Dang it, Doris, we're on the same team!"

Beluga whales playing with soccer ball.
credit: Heavy

16. Follow your dreams.

Hamster in football helmet.
credit: Cute Overload

17.  Tree: 1, Dog: 0

Dog and frisbee crashing into a tree.
credit: Imgur

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