17 Dogs Who Are Basically Just Action Stars

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Move over, Tom Cruise! These dogs are the real action stars in this world, but they rarely get the credit they deserve. Now they can finally show that their athleticism is unmatched.

1. Who else could look this graceful running through water?

2. Gotta stay in great shape if you're gonna be the top action star!

3. YOU try catching a frisbee mid-flight!

4. Action training with a buddy is imperative.

5. Water is never a hindrance for a true action star.

6. "Bet you can't take this stick away from me!"

7. Beauty and grace and fierceness!


9. Could Tom Cruise do THIS?!

10. Could Henry Cavill do THIS?!

11. It's all about mouth-eye coordination.

12. True action stars never get tired.

13. Your training partner has to be someone you connect with!

14. Just trying to stay in fighting shape!

15. This ball ain't no match for this dog!

16. Breaking the record for the highest jump ever!

17. Ooooh, big stretch!


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