23 Of The Comfiest Puppy Piles Ever

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Empirically speaking, the only thing better than a sleepy puppy is a bunch of sleepy puppies all together. If dog = cute, then more dog = more cute. That's basic, irrefutable math, folks.

1. Look at these sweet, squishy faces.

2. "The fur-pit claimed another victim"

3. Naps with friends are the best naps.

4. Guess the correct number of spots, and win a prize!

5. It's an odd assortment, but it still looks comfy as heck.

6. Happy meal, or happiest meal?

7. Gotta find the absolute comfiest position.

8. "How many puppies can you fit on a dog bed?"

9. Puppy pile meeting in progress.

10. Chocolate has antioxidants, right?

11. Smile pile!

12. There's always room for one more.

13. Okay, maybe not always.

14. Don't you dare wake up these precious wrinkles.

15. Welcome to the cool kids' table.

16. No one knows how many dogs are in this pile. Not even the dogs.

17. They mistook those sneakers for some extra stinky siblings.

18. Some people prefer a slightly firmer surface to their puppy pile.

19. This is more of a puppy stack than a puppy pile.

20. Pibble pile!

21. Road trip, anyone?

22. You didn't plan on leaving the house today, did you?

23. "Who dares to disturb our slumber? Oh, yay, it's you!"


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