23 Of The Comfiest Puppy Piles Ever

Empirically speaking, the only thing better than a sleepy puppy is a bunch of sleepy puppies all together. If dog = cute, then more dog = more cute. That's basic math, folks.

1. Look at these sweet, squishy faces.

Pile of golden retriever puppies.
credit: Imgur

2. There are worse ways to die.

Woman buried in pile of dogs.
credit: Imgur

3. Naps with friends are the best naps.

Girl sleeping on two golden retrievers.
credit: D'aww Factory

4. Guess the correct number of spots, and win a prize!

Dalmatian puppies.
credit: Imgur

5. It's an odd assortment, but it still looks comfy as heck.

Dogs piled on couch.
credit: Imgur

6. Happy meal, or happiest meal?

Box of puppies labeled with McDonald's logo.
credit: Cheezburger

7. Gotta find the absolute comfiest position.

8. These dogs are an excellent example of the stratocumulus cloud formation.

Great Pyrenees dogs on couch with people.
credit: Imgur

9. Not sure what kind of dog this is, but they look pretty cozy.

Hamsters sleeping in a pile.
credit: Imgur

10. Chocolate has antioxidants, right?

Chocolate labrador puppies.
credit: Cheezburger

11. Smile pile!

Huskies in a pile.
credit: Imgur

12. There's always room for one more.

13. Okay, maybe not always.

14. Don't you dare wake up these precious wrinkles.

Cluster of sleeping puppies.
credit: Cheezburger

15. Welcome to the cool kids' table.

Four sleeping husky puppies.
credit: Reddit

16. No one knows how many dogs are in this pile. Not even the dogs.

Curly haired puppies in a pile.
credit: Imgur

17. They mistook those sneakers for some extra stinky siblings.

Tiny puppies piled on shoes.
credit: Imgur

18. Some people prefer a slightly firmer surface to their puppy pile.

19. This is more of a puppy stack than a puppy pile.

Row of sleeping husky puppies.
credit: Cheezburger

20. Pibble pile!

Pit bull dogs on top of each other.
credit: Instagram

21. Road trip, anyone?

Trunk of hatchback full of puppies.
credit: Cheezburger

22. You didn't plan on leaving the house today, did you?

Puppies sleeping in front of door.
credit: Cheezburger

23. "Who dares to disturb our slumber? Oh, yay, it's you!"