16 Dogs Who Would Make Horrible Personal Trainers

If you're looking for some fitness tips, look no further. These various animals will tell you everything you need to know about staying fit, as long as what you need to know is how to do it wrong.

1. If this is your trainer's idea of weight lifting, you may have a problem.

Stack of throw pillows on top of dog.
credit: Imgur

2. This trainer would let you get away with skipping leg day.

3. Make sure to find a trainer who can keep up with you.

4. "No, no, that's all wrong. Here, I'll show you."

5. "Let's take a quick breather."

Cat sitting next to athlete on soccer field.
credit: Imgur

6. Some trainers are prone to showing off.

7. "There's no time for questions! Just follow my lead!"

Wide awake cat.
credit: Imgur

8. According to these ducks, you don't need a gym membership to exercise.

9. This trainer has an innovative approach to motivation.

Fat dog resting on treadmill.
credit: Dump a Day

10. Jazzercise class is canceled.

Lemur looking sad.
credit: Imgur

11. "Very good. Keep doing that while I take a quick nap."

12. This trainer isn't kidding around.

13. Fear is an excellent way to get your heart racing.

Horse chasing dog.
credit: Imgur

14. Hopefully you can find a trainer who actually knows how to use the gym equipment.

Cat balanced on pull-up bar.
credit: Cheezburger

15. It's important that you and your trainer have the same priorities.

Dog next to pizza.
credit: Imgur

16. We recommend a massage after a tough workout, preferably from someone without razor sharp claws.

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