17 Tired Moms Who Are So Happy The Kids Are Going Back To School

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The new school year is upon us and if you're a mom, you may be breathing a sigh of relief. We're not judging you. β€”it's nice to know that your precious angels are someone else's problem for the next seven hours.

1. They spend the whole summer complaining about being bored ...

2. ... then the school year starts and you have to practically drag them out of bed.

3. At least they're excited to go shopping for school supplies.

4. When the big day arrives, this mom sets them up for success with a nice healthy breakfast.

5. This mom lets the kids get their own gosh darn breakfast.

6. "Hurry up, we're going to be late. Sydney! Quit pecking your sister!"

7. "Come on ... where the heck is the bus?"

8 "I'm so happy Judy is in charge of the carpooling this month"

9. "Mom, quit it! The other kids are watching!"

"You are not too old to give your mother a goodbye kiss, young man."


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11. Is 'empty pouch syndrome' a thing?

12. The house ... it's so quiet ...

13. Hey, you can actually take a shower in peace!

14. These ladies can't remember the last time they got to hang out without the kids.

15. "I am so hecking zen right now."

16. Hey, guess what's on TV. Not cartoons, that's for sure.

17. The kids take it for granted, but you know what? Naps are the best.

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