Just 15 Pets Who Are Totally Meh About Christmas

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Most of us love the holiday season, but there are some pets who are like meh.

1. Maybe it's because we dress them up?

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Which is entirely worth it.


2. Or maybe it's because we decorate with fun-looking, beautiful twinkly things that they're not allowed to touch.

"Oh, I could climb the hell out of this tree. No problem."


3. "Ya, I'll just go ahead and put these Christmas stockings back in the box."

"The litter box."


4. "No, I am not a Mommy's little reindeer."

"I'm a CAT."


5. "Oh boy."

6. "It's Christmastime. Again."



7. "Take that Christmas tree!"

8. "And this!"

9. "I am not merry."

10. I hope you wanted a hairball for Christmas.

11. "Take that and that and that."

Pawing ornaments is the season's hottest workout


12. I thought elves were supposed to be jolly.

13. "I'll just take these over here thanks."

"Over to the garbage can."


14. Nope.

Not gonna happen. Not willingly anyways.


15. The ultimate indignity.