The 20 Most Epic Puppy Fails Of All Time

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Sometimes you have to fall down to learn how to get back up again. Unfortunately, sometimes when you fall down there's someone with a camera who puts your failure on the internet for everyone to laugh at.


It's a good thing these puppies don't know how to use a computer yet!

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

1. If at first you don't succeed, try again, but this time look really sad about it.

2. In their haste to greet the mailman, they forgot that multiple objects cannot occupy the same space simultaneously.

3. He'll grow into his legs some day.

4. We all struggled with stairs at the beginning, right?

5. Damn you, gravity!

6. "I want to bite this. Why can't I bite this?"

7. "It's on my nose! Get it off! Get it off!"

8. Going undercover as a tennis ball proved more difficult than anticipated.

Don't worry, he was safely released!



10. She signed up for Intro to Pup-lic Speaking, but got placed in AP Barkeology.

11. Who put that hole there?

12. "When you're done laughing, I could use some help."

13. Great, someone forgot to refrigerate the puppies, and now they're melting all over the place.

14. This bowl has a serious design flaw.

15. "The cat made it look so easy."

16. The first day of this puppy's new workout regimen is off to a ruff start.

17. Guess which one isn't going to be a service dog?

18. He'll figure it out eventually. For now, let's not spoil the fun.

19. His little brain is about to EXPLODE

20. "I meant to do that!"

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