Literally Just 22 Dogs Trying To Walk In Booties

Their lack of chill likely explains why Puss in Boots was written around a cat and not a dog. πŸ˜‰

1. Such perplex very confuse wow handstand

2. The expression on her face says it all (hover over to play).

3. "TAKE EM OFF TAKE EM OFF TAKE EM OFF TAK--," borked the rambunctious boxer as he dashed pell-mell from room to room.

4. "Let's not and say we did." β€” Allen the golden, when called forward to model his new footwear

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5. "Shake shake shake, shake shake shake / Shake (off) your booties" β€” this smol pupper putting a literal twist on KC and The Sunshine Band lyrics (wait for it ...).

6. "Welcome to the winter of my discontent." β€” this pug

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7. "These things? AGAIN?"

8. "This is definitely a betrayal of our trust, person."

9. "Have you tried turning it off and on again? You may need to ... * takes sunglasses off, grins * REBOOT ... the operating software."

10. "Y u do dis 2 me hooman?!?!!" β€” this skeptical greyhound

11. "Did you just subtweet me IRL?"

12. "What manner of devilry is this?"

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13. "Because one good turn deserves another." β€” this husky that's feeling a bit fresh

14. When the floor is lava, but there are treats.

15. This is what treading lightly looks like.

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16. Winter is coming. And so are dogs in booties.

17. Oh, the indignity.

18. Coming in hot!

19. Does. Not. Compute.

20. * Han Solo voice * "I got a bad feeling about this ... "

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21. TFW mom wants to see how it fits, but you scoot back to the dressing room in a state of panic and embarrassment.

22. The first ~step~ is admitting you have a problem.

Embedded below: A bonus supercut of doggos spazzing out when they wear boots for the first time!