Literally Just 22 Dogs Trying To Walk In Booties

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Their lack of chill likely explains why Puss in Boots was written around a cat and not a dog. 😉

1. Such perplex very confuse wow handstand

2. The expression on her face says it all.

3. "TAKE EM OFF TAKE EM OFF TAKE EM OFF TAK--," borked the rambunctious boxer as he dashed room to room.

4. "Let's not and say we did." — Allen the golden, when called forward to model his new footwear

5. "Shake shake shake, shake shake shake / Shake (off) your booties" — this smol pupper putting a literal twist on KC and The Sunshine Band lyrics (wait for it ...).

6. "Welcome to the winter of my discontent." — this pug

7. "These things? AGAIN!?!"

8. "This is definitely a betrayal of our trust, person."

9. "These boots have disabled my dog's operating software."

10. "Y u do dis 2 me hooman?!?!!"

11. "Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if she misses South Texas"

12. "What manner of devilry is this?"

13. "Because one good turn deserves another." — this husky that's feeling a bit fresh

14. When the floor is iced lava, but there are treats.

15. This is what treading lightly looks like.

16. Winter is coming. And so are dogs in booties.

17. Oh, the indignity.

18. Coming in hot!

19. Does. Not. Compute.

20. * Han Solo voice * "I got a bad feeling about this ... "

21. TFW mom wants to see how it fits, but you scoot back to the dressing room in a state of panic and embarrassment.

22. The first step is admitting you have a problem.

Embedded below: A bonus supercut of doggos spazzing out when they wear boots for the first time!


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