22 Weird Things All Dog Owners Come Home To

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It's no surprise that your dog misses you when you leave the house. What IS surprising is the weird shit they do when they're alone.

1. Play with the boingy thing.

giphy embed

It plays back!

2. A little passive aggressive?

giphy embed

This dog totally needs therapy.

3. I think he's proud of this huge mess?

giphy embed

It is kinda impressive.

4. Pooping wherever.

5. Saving the dumb cat.

giphy embed

6. Protecting the scardey cat against the loud thunder.

7. Um.

giphy embed

8. "I'm the baby now!"

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9. This was the last time this bad boy was left home alone.

10. The first and last day of crate training.

11. This innovative pup made himself a cool toy.

Clever boy!

12. "oh, you're home. I was just kissing the dumb cat."

"Not biting. Never biting."

13. This pupper made himself a tasty snack!

giphy embed

Good boy!

14. This good boy just sleeps when you're gone.

giphy embed

15. So does this good girl. She doesn't even move for the Rumba.

16. This bro dog invited his friends over for some volleyball.

giphy embed

They drank all your beer.

17. "It feels good to be bad."

18. This dog plays League of Legends when you're not home.


20. She's tired of your embarrassing cultural misappropriation.

Good girl!

21. This little pup had plans for a big mess but got sleepy.

Sleep tight little pupper! You can try again tomorrow!

22. "You're home you're home you're home you're home you're home!!"

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