Just 18 Hilariously Random Animal Pictures Because It's Saturday

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How's your day going? It could be better, right? Here are 18 hilariously random animal pictures that will help.

1. This honest human needs to author every person's Tinder profile.

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2. This is what the mouse version of Jurassic Park looks like.

3. The real reason cats don't use toilets:

4. If this raccoon can be as happy as a dog, so can you.

5. More like the Lyin' King, amirite?


7. This bear is every person in their late twenties.

8. Because sometimes your best just isn't good enough.

9. Worst S.P.E.W. recruitment poster ever:

10. Dorothy Dog just gets it.

11. Man. vs. Wild.

12. You and your BFF, every time:

13. When life is kind of a "one step forward, fall down a hidden hole you didn't know was there" kind of thing.

14. But DO you, Spider-Cat?

15. Seems like a mature, adult decision.

16. It's like the Pride Rock of the apartment.

17. "Now let me gooooooooo."

18. Pick one movie, animals.


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