25 Very Important Photos Of Dogs That Will Remind You Why All Dogs Go To Heaven

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You need these dogs in your life.

1. I bet this guy's the butt of a lot of jokes.

2. Great poker face, buddy.

3. "I call this pose, Slobbery Warrior."

4. "Gee, you're awfully close ... but I wouldn't mind you getting even closer."

5. When you run into someone you haven't seen in a while only to remember you don't like them after it's too late.

6. When your friend is pissed, but you don't know what you did.

7. "Wait for it ... with haircuts like these, we have to arrive fashionably late."

8. "This dog showed up to PetSmart and asked to speak to the manager..."

9. When your boss wants to cut costs but doesn't understand they're part of the problem.

10. "This dry Chicago winter is really taking a toll on my friend's dog"

11. No ball left behind.

12. "And you said I'd never be a lap dog."

13. "My friend's dog decided to join the fun of a slip and slide, instant regret"

14. Because dogs befriending butterflies will never not be adorable as heck

15. Sometimes life feels like a balancing act.

16. When you try to act cool, but your excitement gets the best of you.

17. "When humans interrupt you watching Animal channel"

18. "This dog looks like Samuel L. Jackson when he first saw Django"

19. "'Becoming a mother will make you happy,' they said. 'It'll be the most rewarding thing you'll ever do,' they said."

20. Roly poly puppy in a bowly.

21. "This tongue was made for licking. And that's just what it'll do ..."

22. When you thought you were just going for a nice pleasant drive and somebody says "vet."

23. Sometimes it feels like you're yelling into the abyss.

24. When societal conventions ain't got nothing on you.

25. "My friend's dog has an epic beard. We call it a 'A Fu Manchew' 🤣"

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